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What About Our Life? explores Chris and Will's continuous adventures with the life they’ve experienced together as an LGBTQ couple. Their many accomplishments have brought the world to becoming fascinated with their life and their accomplishments from Hollywood to top entertainment companies.  It’s a show that allows listeners to relate to their adventures and enjoy some of the greatest moments in life, allowing everyone to experience incredible moments with people from across the globe with personal at-home feelings.​

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What About Our Life? 


These are just some of what they are saying about the Prince Charimngs.

“You guys are amazing! You are the Real Prince Charmings!”
---Rob Actis (Author)

“Chris and Will have a shining personality the world will love”

 “You’re a lovely team.”
---Shevea Rajaee
(Therapists, Public Speaker)

“What a breath of fresh air you guys are!”
---Hank Garrett

“Y’all are amazing!!”
---Celebrity Chef Blythe Beck

“I gave your podcast a listen, I quite enjoyed it, and I immediately followed on Spotify. I'm excited to have a new podcast to listen to!”
—Personal Assistant to Alexandra Billings (Actress)

“You guys are so lovely!”
---Cynthia Preston

“Hey Guys….Thanks for your care and friendship.”
---Ruta Lee (Actress)

“Had a ball.”
---Dale Godboldo Jr.

“This podcast keeps me coming back for more each week”
---Fan in Louisiana

“Had a Blast!”
---Catherine Mary Stewart (Actress)

 “So nice to talk to you both.  Rolly really enjoyed the interview.”
---Rolland Crump and Maria (Disney Legend)

“Congratulations on your success!”
---Bob Pittman
(CEO iHeartMedia)

“I loved the show! Thank you for the opportunity.”
---Dee Wallace

“I had a delightful time with you and Will. The hour flew!”
---Ilene Graff

“I was so impressed on the quality and interest I found in the show”
---Fan in Switzerland

SEASON 5.png

 “Congratulations on the growth and success of your show, that's awesome. It's a very impressive lineup of guests.”
---Kelly Poelker
(Executive Editor Podcast Magazine)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful interview-it was great fun talking with the two of you, just a real pleasure.”
---Lee Purcell

“Congratulations on ‘What About Our Life?!”
---Wendy Goldberg
(Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer iHeartMedia)

Who's been on our show? #therealprincecharmings

Check out all of the wonderful guests that have graced the Charmings amazing show.

SEASON ONE: Alan Gilmore (designer for the Harry Potter exhibits and films), Jymn Magon (creator of the Disney Television Animation Studios), Rolly Crump (Disney Legend and designer of Disneyland), Ilene Graff (Grammy nominated artist and iconic television actress), Adam Sharp (President of the Academy of Arts and Sciences—Emmy’s), Richard Sterban (The Oak Ridge Boys), Catherine Mary Stewart (Iconic movie actress), Rick Palmer (Creative Team for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), Ruta Lee (Film and Television legendary Actress), Katie Leigh (voice actress—Gummi Bears), Ken Page (voice actor—The NightMare Before Christmas), Rich Little (Comedic Legend), Dee Wallace (Actress-E.T.), Lindsay Alley (Actress--Mickey Mouse Club), Lainie Kazan (Legendary Actress), Rhona Bennett (Actress--The Jamie Foxx Show), Cynthia Preston (Actress—The Legend of Zelda), Taylor Dayne (80’s pop artist), Annson Williams (Actor-Happy Days), Marion Ross (Actress-Happy Days), Geri Jewell (Actress- The Facts of Life), Roslyn Kind (Legendary Singer), Jarrad Hewitt (Healer), Gabrielle Stone (Author), Rudrani Devi (Author) and Steven G. Taibii (Author).


SEASON TWO: John Barbour (Hollywood host icon), Lee Purcell (Actress - Long Road Home), Fran Drescher (Actress - Indebted, The Nanny), Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson (special announcement episode), Judy Collins (Grammy Award Legend), Peter Marc Jacobson (Producer), Stan Goldman (Author), Fawn (Billboard Recording Artist), Kevin Spirtas (Actor- Day of our Lives), Michael Slade (Entertainment Industry writer), Carolyn Hennesy (Actress- General Hospital), Dale Godboldo (Actor - All new Mickey Mouse Club), Donelle Dadigan (Founder Hollywood Museum/Chairman Hollywood Walk of Fame), Chef Blythe Beck (Oxygen Celebrity Chef), Mike Doyle (Actor – Law & Order SVU), Meggie Jones (Health Advisor), Dr. Meeta Singh (Mental Health Doctor), Raquel Sharper (Motivational Speaker), Dr. Christine Carter (Sociologist), Dr. Bertice Berry (Wellness Doctor), Narveen Dosanjh (Manhattan Psychiatrist), Susan Cottrell (FreedHearts/ LGBTQ activist), and Sheeva Rajaee (Anxiety Therapist).


SEASON THREE: Radames Pera (Actor – Kung Fu), Dan Cockrell (Former Vice President of the Walt Disney Company), Allison Arngrim (Actress-- Little House on the Praire), Rob Actis (Award-Winning Author), Michael Learned (Actress – The Waltons), Hank Garrett (Actor-Columbo), Sterling Mire (Healer/Celebrity Guru), Martha Bolton (Writer to Bob Hope), Lola Lennox (Billboard Recording Artist), George Chakiris (Academy Award Winning Actor-West Side Story), Todd Burroughs (Atelier School of Art), Ruta Lee (Hollywood Icon Actress), Paige Klone and Rachel Forman (Writers of Argo’s “Bad Assistant” Film), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Alton Fitzgerald White (The Lion King Broadway), Bruce Vilanch (2x Emmy Award Winner-Hollywood Squares), James and Rebekah Ganiere (USA Today's best-selling author and Hollywood Producer), Dr. Anabelle Bugatti , PHD LMFT (Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapists), and Dany  (The Voice Holland Winner).

SEASON FOUR: Kristine W. (International Dance Artist), Judy Tenuta (2x Grammy Nominee Comedian), Marc David Levine (Tony Award Winning Producer), Larry Strauss (Author), RuPauls DragCon (Special Media Event), Pride Cup (Special Media Event)/Nitro Nitra (NBC American Song Contest), One Magical Weekend Part One (Special Media Event)/David Hernandez (American Idol Finalist), One Magical Weekend Part Two (Special Media Event), One Magical Weekend Part Three (Special Media Event)/Phoenix (Rupauls Drag Race), Nancy Silberkleit (Co-CEO Archie Comics), Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls), Pam Landwirth (Founder of Give Kids the World Village), Daniel Ross (Disney's Donald Duck Voice Actor), IAAPA (Special Media Broadcast/Caitlin Dineen), SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Climate First Bank, Park Magazine (Special Media Broadcast/Kristine Morgan, Chris Cucci, and Julie Sagoskin.), David Millbern (Emmy Winning Director/Producer), Jim Meskimen (Disney Voice Actor), Charlotte Stewart (Little House on the Prairie-Actress), Rev. Nicholas W. Inman & Massee McKinley (Cherry Blossom Festival), Amanda Shepherd (Hocus Pocus), RuPauls DragCon LA 2023 (Media Broadcast), Bethanee Bemis (Smithsonian National Museum of American History), One Magical Weekend Part One (Media Broadcast), One Magical Weekend Part Two (Media Broadcast), One Magical Weekend Part Three (Media Broadcast), Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium (Media Broadcast), Myrtles Plantation (Media Broadcast), Mardi Gras World with Tia Flowers (Media Broadcast),  Audubon Zoo (Media Broadcast), Ruby Falls (Media Broadcast), Knoxville Part One (Media Broadcast), Knoxville Part Two (Media Broadcast), Knoxville Part Three (Media Broadcast), Knoxville Part Four (Media Broadcast), Gatlinburg (Media Broadcast), Dollywood (Media Broadcast), Sevierville with Danielle Parton (Media Broadcast), and Come Out with Pride Orlando with Anna Eskamani (Media Broadcast).

SEASON FIVE:  IAAPA with Mark Brymer (Media Broadcast), Christmas in Memphis (Media Broadcast), The Windsor Court (Media Broadcast), Maria Canals-Barrera (Wizards of Waverly Place), and ©Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® (Award Show).

Latest Episodes #therealprincecharmings



EP-5 ©Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®


Title: "©Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®"

Topics: Chris and Will broadcast a special episode of Hollywood most prestigious award ceremony.

Special Guests: ©Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®
(Award Show)


Airs: March 11, 2024

new episode.png


EP-4 Maria Canals-Barrera


Title: "Wizards of Waverly Place with Maria Canals-Barrera."

Topics: Chris and Will go back to discussing the Disney Channel shows, plus they spend time with one of the Disney Channel stars.

Special Guests: Maria Canals-Barrera
(Wizards of Waverly Place)


Airs: February 11, 2024


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