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#1 Gay Online Radio Station

GO! Live is the development of a 21+ year relationship from the dreams of two dreamers. Christopher L. Antie and William Antie built a place of comfort, entertainment, and togetherness with their ChrisWill Radio Network GO! Live. GO! Live is abbreviated from the station title GAY ORLANDO! Live. GO! Live is Orlando's #1 worldwide gay online radio station broadcasting 24/7. Born in 2015 from the original hit station Surge Live, GO! Live stands to continue the most successful online radio station around. Surge Live was born in May 2014 and within its first weekend Surge gained thousands of listeners from around the world; Japan, Morocco, the United States, England, Ireland, and more joined our opening weekend making our grand opening weekend the most successful word of mouth station ever created. Surge produced famous specialty shows as the Mother's Day Decades, Fantasy Mix, and Country BBQ.

Surge Live became an instant success that the CaliNewYork Company decided to brand the station into its new name: the Gay Orlando Radio Network. Today GO! Live produces top online gay radio programming with number one specialty shows. GO! Live is a fully licensed, trademarked, and royalty licensed station; with a worldwide fan base and a weekly average of 10k hits. GO! Live events are produced by the CaliNewYorkLive division of the parent company, CaliNewYork. GO! Live business is part of a production division of the CaliNewYork Company, created and designed by partners Christopher L. Antie and William Antie. 


Saturday Night Club Mix Show @10pm est Saturdays.

Join the party! Dance and club mixes hit the air waves during our weekend International Gay Pride "Carnival". Our Saturday nights are filled with a fair of the best music mixes around as DJ Chrill hosts a Saturday night club online. The carnival is coming to town so don't miss out on the biggest party around.


Wake up with motivation, power, and energy to help get your day started. GO! Live introduces a morning of the best energetic electronic dance music (EDM) on air. Get your life's daily adventure powered up with "Energy".


Soft Music @weeknights 6pm est.

Relax. Enjoy the sunset with the feel-good sounds of music. Get your night started with decades of chill, relaxing, and positive music to set your evening mood. Join us with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening sunset.


Variety Music Daily

Celebrating a variety of music with hits from the 1950s to today (all types of genres).

All day/all night EVERYDAY.


Reach to thousands of listeners worldwide. We work with you so get your promotional to us today. Contact us at for more details and rates, put advertise in the subject line.

Music Submission

Musician Waiver and Release

I, the undersigned (“Musician”), hereby acknowledge and consent to providing a song submission (the “Performance”), to the CaliNewYork Corporation (the “Company”) to be used in the rotation of the GO! Live online radio station and acknowledge that the company shall hold no responsibility to the playing of the submission.

Further, I do hereby grant permission to Company and any affiliate of Company to use the Performance and any images of Musician as part of any song or music project at its sole and complete discretion. Such use includes, without limitation, any and all recordings and formats now or in the future of the Performance, the display, distribution, publication, transmission, or otherwise use of recordings, photographs, images, and/or video recorded or taken of Musician and/or including Musician during the Performance for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to, music recordings of all kind, nature and format now or in the future, printed materials such as record labels, marketing material, brochures, news releases and newsletters, videos, and digital images such as those for use with the release of such music to the public in any and all formats or on the Company website or incorporated into any and all songs at the sole and absolute discretion of Company and in any and all media, and incorporated by Company in any and all other media whatsoever.

In addition, I hereby waive any and all rights with respect to, the Performance and any and all music, recordings, vocals, photographs, reproductions, copies, transmissions, broadcasts, telecasts and webcasts (by any and all means in any and all media now or in the future) of any and all audio, visual and audio-visual aspects and elements of all or any portion of the recorded Performance at the Studio for Company; and the sound, voice, photograph, likeness, activities and performances of Musician in connection with the Performance (including promotional activities and so-called “behind-the-scenes" and "making-of” audio and audio-visual recordings).

I also know, understand, and appreciate the risks that are inherent with the above acknowledgements, representations and warranties. I hereby assert that my execution of this consent and release is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks on behalf of myself.

I understand that by agreeing to this clause I am releasing claims and giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue for any reason whatsoever.

Lastly, I also hereby indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Company, and their licensees against any and all legal claims and proceedings of any description that may have been asserted in the past, or may be asserted in the future, directly or indirectly, arising from my participation in the Performance and the rights related to recording of the Performance.

The Company holds the right to deny all submissions and/or the amount of air play.


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