Prince Charmings
of Podcasting

In 2020 the Podcast Magazine introduced the world to the most charming couple around, Christopher and William Antie, quoting them as the Prince Charmings of Podcasting. Their award-winning show "What About Our Life?" paved the way to accomplishing stardom and reshaped the standards of how independent podcasting can be successful overnight.



A new season of the continuous story of Chris and Will. More great celebrity interviews and amazing moments of Chris and Will over the years. Their life experience told in a grand moment of your time. 

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What About Our Life? 


More Charm to Give

Come see what else Chris and Will have to offer to their world of entertainment. Fashion, film, television, music, awareness, cooking, and so much more. Fans say they're the real deal, join the adventure.

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What's Charming?

Check out all the new happenings for 2022. Announced projects to appearances, don't miss out on all the year has to offer.

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Prince Charmings


Coming soon is the official clothing line of the Prince Charmings, coming summer of 2022.

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Music Artist

The all new music artist known as the Prince Charmings, Chris and Will hit the music air waves in summer of 2022.

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Charmings in

the Media

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Prince Charmings are in the media discussing upcoming projects and their life. Check it out!

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Charming Marketplace

Shop all the Prince Charmings merchandise, including the William's Heart Pin.

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The Prince Charmings are giving back with their very own foundation helping to curve the mental illness problem. Don't miss Stay Well episodes from their show to events helping spread awareness. Help or need help? Check out how we can help.

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Charming Entertainment

The Prince Charmings tell an amazing story within their own show. Now you can see and feel the creative juices flow in productions Chris and Will star in or produce. The best entertainment comes from the heart, and they are ready to charm yours. This is their world of entertainment.

At Home


An all new streaming show about the home life of the Prince Charmings of Podcasting. Go behinds the scenes of their busy life and learn some life experiences as they do.

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Family Feast

The Prince Charmings introduce an all new cooking show with Chef Blythe Beck called Family Feast, streaming in spring 2022.

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in a Box

Kids love the Charm the Prince Charmings share with them. An all-new children's show with dazzling puppets and a ton of imagination is what they say about this new story from the world of Koloraura.

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The Real Prince Charmings Documentary

You've heard about their talent now learn the true story of Chris and Will. The struggles are real, and the survival is quoted to save lives. Coming soon to a theater in 2022.

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The beginning story of the Prince Charmings is converted into an all new drama, streaming early of 2022.

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Gay Orlando! Live

Orlando's number one online radio station GO! Live. Download the Tunein App today and listen to the world's best gay variety radio station. Check out the official website and listen live.

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Charming Calendar

The Prince Charmings are always out and about with special events, public appearances, or filmings. Check out what's up with them and see if you can see them in person one day.


May 29, 2021 -- Premiere Private Event --
Walt Disney World, Florida -  AMC Dine-in Disney Springs24
July 16, 2021 -- Premiere Private Event --
Baton Rouge, Louisiana - AMC Baton Rouge16


Below are confirmed projects.

"What About Our Life?"             Season 3

    May 2020- Current

    iHeartRadio, Amazon, Apple, Spotify

"The Real Prince Charmings"        Film

    May 2019- June 2022        

Announcing Tour and Release Dates

"At Home Journal"                     Season 1

    September 2021- Filming

     Airing Late November 2021

"Family Feast with Blythe Beck"     Season 1

    October 2020- Current


"Characters in a Box"                 Season 1

    November 2020- Current

     Airing Special Episode December 2021

"Heart Soul"                        Season 1

    November 2020- Filming

     Airing December 2021

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