“Chris and Will have a shining personality the world will love”


Chris and Will, they're the real story about the life of an LGBTQ couple. Quoted and known as the "Prince Charmings", they advocate a real life tale of struggles as a LGBTQ couple while out beating the odds in fulfilling dreams while working with the Walt Disney Company to their star-studded life in Hollywood. This 21+ year relationship grew them overnight, within one year they became a highly recognized gay couple from across the globe. Their magical relationship has become a new message of a new hope within the LGBTQ community. A journey shared by thousands of worldwide fans to the personal journey their fans take with them together.


“You guys are amazing! You are the Real Prince Charmings!”

---Rob Actis (Author)

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Below are confirmed projects.
Dates announcing soon.

 “You’re a lovely team.”

---Shevea Rajaee

(Therapists, Public Speaker)


Below are confirmed projects.

"What About Our Life?"             Season 3

    October 2020- Current

    iHeartRadio, Amazon, Apple, Spotify

"The Real Prince Charmings"        Film

    May 2019- November, 2021        

More info TBA

"At Home Journal"                     Season 1

    October 2020- Current

     More info TBA

Untitled Blythe Beck Project         Season 1

    October 2020- Current

     More info TBA

"Characters in a Box"                 Season 1

    November 2020- Current

     More info TBA

"Heart and Soul"                        Season 1

    November 2020- Current

     More info TBA

Untitled Chris and Will Reality Show                   2021

     More info TBA

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Chris and Will was honored in the 2020 June issue of the Podcast Magazine. Featured in the film and television section of the print magazine. The couple was honored and respected for their accomplishments in the podcast world along with their incredible work within the LGBTQ community. A worldwide release and with the most pages of recognition in the magazine. Click the link below to check out the amazing article of the real prince charmings.

“I gave your podcast a listen, I quite enjoyed it, and I immediately followed on Spotify. I'm excited to have a new podcast to listen to!”


—Personal Assistant to Alexandra Billings (Actress)

What About Our Life explores the continuous adventures of Chris and Will with the life they’ve experienced together as an LGBTQ couple. Their many accomplishments have brought the world to becoming fascinated with their life from working with the Walt Disney Company, the NBC/Universal Company, their assistance in building the Harry Potter exhibits from coast to coast, Chris being a celebrity chef, and to their life around the many areas of Hollywood.  It’s a show that allows listeners to relate to their adventures and enjoy some of the greatest moments in life, a show that allows everyone to further experience great moments with people from across the globe with personal at-home feeling.​ Each episode focuses on one particular part of Chris and Will’s life. They share some helpful advice, history, relation, and secrets regarding the episode’s topic. They conclude each episode with a special celebrity guest that holds a special part of their life and/or holds significance to the topic of the current episode.

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PRIDE in 2021. NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR PURCHASE. Made from the heart of William himself, is the program bringing together the world with proceeds benefiting our BFF program. Designed by Pamela Blanchard, a former Disney feature animation artist, tells the community they are supported and helps ChrisWill raise awareness against hate with LGBTQ abuse.

“What a breath of fresh air you guys are!”

---Hank Garrett


BFF is in the developing phases and once opened we will have opened a LGBTQ community center in every state, teamed with the ones all ready opened, and help expand outreach programs for families in need of help in any form. In addition our program will have an establishment set up with a call center to where individuals can call in for help when needed and communicate with a person if they just need a friend to listen, more like a modern day penpal. Our goal is to expand and educate the message of equality, help place an end to bulling and LGBTQ abuse.

“You guys are so lovely!”

---Cynthia Preston



   In every story there is a beginning, middle, and end; in most cases, it’s filled with adventure, drama, and in occasion romance. What happens when you mix adventure with a daily dose of drama and romance, with a sprinkle of fantasy all in one? Simple, you get the real-life story of Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr.

   In spring of 1999 Christopher L. Antie, a southern gay man born from a Christian home, and William Ramos Jr, a New York-born Hispanic man bowed into family values, meet their unexpected future destiny. It would become the fate of a gay couple grown from two boys to two men leading a rare relationship within the LGBTQ community, a relationship of holding on to a twenty-plus year commitment. Twenty years ago Chris and Will would discover their future by growing within the captivated fairy tales of the Walt Disney Company. Unnoticed by the life they eventfully managed, Chris and Will would eventually see themselves writing their story of a wish of a time about a time that would soon become their now. Lost in the guilt of being gay from a surrounding world and an unaccepting family, they would soon become cornered into an array of a true mass of acceptance falters. From their life with the Walt Disney Company to the lights of Hollywood, Chris and Will would have to find their fate they’ve been rejecting from the very start.
   Stricken by poverty but surrounded by glamour their tale would garnish them into out-growing their life villains to the struggles of true success they neglected to admit. Chris and Will: The Real Prince Charmings is a written book that started twenty years ago, telling the story of a gay couple whose vexation becomes the struggles in a community of normal but seen as a difference. A real-life journey about a fantasy came true from around the world adventures, star-studded friends they earned along the way; to their dealings with PTSD and their biggest wedding celebration ever produced. The real story of once upon a time, and how a gay couple became the real Prince Charmings.   

“Y’all are amazing!!”

---Celebrity Chef Blythe Beck



Check out Orlando's number one gay online radio station, playing a variety of music 24/7

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Season Three Now Playing.

An all new season is now playing on your favorite podcast player. A new celebrity guest every episode and more community support. Check it out!

Season Two Extended.

Season 2 extended!!! 23 episodes have been added to our original 15 episode pickup of Chris and Will's podcast show. This includes more stay well episodes and a continuation of two new episodes a week until August 2020.

The All new Season Two.

March 5, 2020, starts Season 2 of the critically acclaimed podcast show “Chris and Will What About our life?”. This season seizes the power, the direction, the journey, the growth, and the inspiration of this season’s guests. Continue...


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