v This film is the most potent piece of work we have ever created.

v Produced, directed, written, filmed, and managed by Chris and Will themselves.

v It took them forty-plus years to write, four years to produce a visual, and they hold over a dozen different versions.

v They chose the sound to allow you to feel them.

v Yes, what you feel in this film is real.

v If you open your hearts away from judgment and assumption, you too will get their message.

v A message never told in this way or at all, but many have wanted it to be said.

v Is it a family story or an LGBTQ story?  Well, many think it is both.

v Many talented actors helped them reenact what they couldn’t record or didn’t, but it happened.

v They give you visuals with narration, as they are telling you a STORY.

v They used a team of creative individuals to help decide what was best for the public to see.

v The footage is real, taken by their team or by them. Shot with a drone, camera, or cell phone.

v The interviews they did themselves and were recorded at several points of their life.

v They brought in an audience to watch pieces of the film to determine if they were on the right track, a diverse audience of straight, gay, single, couples, and families with kids. It was the responses that they knew it was right.

v They brought in a team of legal professionals to produce the film's final outcome and prepare us for what could happen.

v They worked with many professionals to help get the message out and offered free screenings to the public so the message could be seen and to raise mental abuse awareness.

v The story is authentic and is not made up; this is and has been the life they lived for over 20 years together.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Antie    Self

William Antie    Self

Rob Actis    Self

Tony Ross    Self

Ginger Lutz-Ross    Self

Janet Dickinson Minard    Self

Melyna Herrera    Self

Dahlia Herrera    Self

Katrina Herrera    Self

Keel Herrera    Self

Pamela Blanchard    Self

Loretta Williams    Self

Jeremy Williams    Self

Austin Williams    Self

Krista Mankopf    Self

Jessica Williams    Self

Carolyn Antie    Self

Fred Antie    Self

Mathew Mankopf    Self

Kristi Kreel    Self

Michael Comfort    Self

Danny Becerra    Self

Georgianna Huffer    Self

Christopher Huffer    Self

Tabi Yamani    Self

Sally Nieves    Self

Amee Suarez    Self

Christina Coalter    Self

Didi Phyahlady    Self

            Christopher Antie

Christopher Antie

Christopher Antie

Christopher Antie

William Antie

William Antie

Christopher Antie

Christopher Antie

William Antie

William Antie


ChrisWill Studios

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Ginger Lutz-Ross

Janet Dickinson Minard

Tony Ross

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Production Manager


   In every story there is a beginning, middle, and end; in most cases, it’s filled with adventure, drama, and in occasion romance. What happens when you mix adventure with a daily dose of drama and romance, with a sprinkle of fantasy all in one? Simple, you get the real-life story of Christopher L. Antie and William Antie.

   In spring of 1999 Christopher L. Antie, a southern gay man born from a Christian home, and William Antie, a New York-born Hispanic man bowed into family values, meet their unexpected future destiny. It would become the fate of a gay couple grown from two boys to two men leading a rare relationship within the LGBTQ community, a relationship of holding on to a twenty-plus year commitment. Twenty years ago Chris and Will would discover their future by growing within the captivated fairy tales of the Walt Disney Company. Unnoticed by the life they eventfully managed, Chris and Will would eventually see themselves writing their story of a wish of a time about a time that would soon become their now. Lost in the guilt of being gay from a surrounding world and an unaccepting family, they would soon become cornered into an array of a true mass of acceptance falters. From their life with the Walt Disney Company to the lights of Hollywood, Chris and Will would have to find their fate they’ve been rejecting from the very start.

  Stricken by poverty but surrounded by glamour their tale would garnish them into out-growing their life villains to the struggles of true success they neglected to admit. The Real Prince Charmings is a written book that started twenty years ago, telling the story of a gay couple whose vexation becomes the struggles in a community of normal but seen as a difference. A real-life journey about a fantasy came true from around the world adventures, star-studded friends they earned along the way, to their dealings with PTSD and their biggest wedding celebration ever produced. The real story of once upon a time and how a gay couple became the real Prince Charmings.   


Film Review of Premier 5/29/21


Once upon a time, two little boys had dreams of what their perfect life would become.  One dreamt of Disney World and the other of Happy Faces.  Years later, they would meet while working at Disney World and ultimately became each other's lifeline.  Much pain, devotion, friends, and tenaciousness have resulted in a beautiful story resulting in the marriage of two beautiful people. This is a story of love conquering darkness.


The film begins with Chris telling his story thru photographs of his life.  His voice explains what has transpired thru his childhood and how the statements and actions of others shattered his dreams.  These traumatizing events caused him to deal with PTSD and depression, later complicated by other serious health issues he has dealt with.  However, all is not terrible as he has met the love of his life, and they do hold each other up.


We next listen to Will, who similarly relies on photographs and, in his voice, explains his early dreams thru these photos.  His academic achievements were highly significant to his parents, and Will came to rely on this for determining his value. His family started abusing him emotionally by withholding the support he needed, which resulted in his development of severe PTSD.  There was no family support for any of his adult choices, resulting in his severe breakdown resulting in serious health issues.  Will is very sincere and heart-wrenching in his attempts to reach out to his family.   


While the stresses to Will are very different from Chris, Will's are authentic, which is a fundamental issue of this film.  What we feel is real. PTSD is genuine to the person suffering from it, no matter the cause.  You cannot deny the feeling of a person.  That is why this is such a significant film.  Feelings are real. We all know that we forget.  But now we cannot.  Too many people are raw.  This film has so many topics it could be used in an advanced college film course.


As the title suggests, the real hero's are Chris and Will for coming out to tell all of their truths so that others can feel safe. Feel the love and joy they share by their actions and commitment.  The time was right for them to share their truth and be free to love and live the life in which they are comfortable. 


See the film you will enjoy it.




"This film is filled with courage and bravery. A reflection of the struggles of the gay community. A must see...Oscar worthy." The Sentinel

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