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Real Life 1796 Haunted Mansion chills guests year-round.

Updated: Jul 20

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford an inspired mansion becomes a centerpiece to year-round Louisiana tourism. The Myrtles Plantation is an antebellum plantation built on 11 acres in Saint Francisville Louisiana.

Chris and Will, The Prince Charmings of Podcasting, recently toured the plantation while filming their What About Our Life? Adventures VLOG Podcast. During their visit, the couple experienced not only the unexplained but something of an intriguing design of history. Nestled under 200-year-old oak trees is an over eighteen-room complex home to a bed and breakfast style attraction equipped with a history tour of the plantation and a widely popular mystery tour about the unexplained. The Plantation houses different styles of experiences with each room themed differently and placed in different parts either on the grounds or within the main house, with additional amenities including a full services restaurant, coffee shop, and a gift shop.

“We enjoy the history of the house,” says a returning guest visiting from Houston, who also managed to capture some unexplained images of a lady in a white dress and the voice of a child saying “Hi”. The Myrtles Plantation is one of many plantations that gather up some great Louisiana history that has helped the imaginations of many that love a great fantasy.

Years after Disneyland opened, Walt Disney had an interest in a haunted attraction. He built an old mansion housed outside of New Orleans Square in Disneyland that sat vacant until his tragic death. The mansion was themed after the many plantations found in the deep south including those that still reside in Louisiana. Imagineers were sent to experience the plantations for ideas and designs that incorporate the Haunted Mansion attraction to this day in Disneyland in California. For the Myrtles, the Haunted Mansion holds the same porch fencing and indoor ceiling designs as found in the actual Myrtles Plantation. As for Disney’s grim griming ghosts, the Myrtles still make haunted appearances daily, and unexpected at that.

Chris and Will managed to pick up the phrase “Mommy” while on the phone with their manager and four different sights of figures in the VLOG footage of their broadcast. The first sighting was of the blood stain of William Drew Winter. He was shot on the front porch of the main house and, according to legend, staggered or crawled up the stairs, but collapsed, dead, on the 17th step. In the vlog 0:28:00, you can see the blood stain on the stairs. The staircase is off-limits to visiting guests. The second sighting is of a white dress figure in the window of a door, the figure is known as the lady in a white dress; this can be seen in the vlog at 0:28:56. The third and fourth sightings can be seen of a small figure walking across the glass of a building behind the interview. The building was closed and locked for everyone, as they planned on doing the interview inside. No one was behind them or around them to create a reflection, this can be found on the vlog at 1:07:48 and 1:07:54.

The Myrtles Plantation has proved that no matter what time of day or year you visit you’ll get a chilling educational and welcoming experience. The feel and look of the house give you a true Southern-style experience of the 1700s. The vlog podcast and audio podcast are now on air. Guests can visit the plantation daily by going to and plan their own experience at America’s Most Haunted House.

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