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Disney fans get a display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

Updated: Jul 20

“Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of America in Disney Parks” explores how Disney theme parks serve as locations of public memory, their relationship to stories of American history and how the parks and the public are adapting to new understandings of the American experience. Through objects, images, maps and more, this exhibition will look at how Disney and the public are in conversation to create the national narrative of today and the future.

Using a jewel-box approach, the museum will display more than 45 artifacts and graphics, interweaving photos and personal stories from public collected by the museum in 2022 through the “Disney Parks and American Stories” initiative. Object highlights include Fess Parker’s Davy Crockett hat, early Disney Park fun maps, concept art by Mary Blair, as well as modern official and fan-made ear headbands and former Disney ride designer Bob Gurr’s T-shirt worn at LA Pride in 2019.

Exhibit is now online and in-public from now until April of 2024. Listen to Chris and Will's involvement by listening to their special episode of What About Our Life? The episode can be found on your favorite podcast network.

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