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Chris and Will Adventures to Spotify.

CaliNewYork is proud to announce the new home for Chris and Will’s adventures series What About Our Life? Adventures.

In 2019, ChrisWill began a journey that would give them their claim to fame with an all-new podcast discussing their life journey called What About Our Life? Only after a few episodes, the pair gained recognition from the CEO of iHeartRadio Bob Pittman “Congratulations on your success!”

A few years later, they’ve spoken to the world with celebrity interviews, nationwide event broadcasts, and with about 100 episodes. ChrisWill has gained a worldwide fandom of 850,000 fans called Charmers and an industry title created by Podcast Magazine called the Prince Charmings of Podcasting.

In 2022 Chris and Will broadcasted at an IAAPA convention in Orlando where they developed a brand new type of podcast called a VlogCast. A Vlogcast introduces fans to not only audio but a visual presentation. What About Our Life? Adventures was created as a story-based visual and audio show all about safe and welcoming travel destinations seen from the point of view of Chris and Will.

Now in its second season and with almost thirty episodes, their new adventures series has landed a new home at Spotify. Fans can now enjoy their audio show What About Our Life? and their visual-audio show What About Our Life? Adventures all in one location. In June of 2023, ChrisWill was introduced to the new visual podcasting from Spotify and decided Spotify would be the best home destination for their visual series and their fans responded in the thousands.

Chris and Will are proud to be growing with new partnerships, amazing leadership growth, and with a quick expansion of their career. Now leading within two top powerful podcast networks, The Prince Charmings of Podcasting encourage their fans to follow their journey by checking out all their happenings by going to their official website

Fans can find What About Our Life? on iHeartRadio and in syndication on Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Fans can find the newer episodes of their show What About Our Life? Adventures on Spotify. Fans can also find both shows and more on their official website at

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