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Their Story

  In May of 1999, Christopher LeePrince Antie and William Antie wished upon a star to meet the friend that could be the one. At 6:30 am, the next day, on May 29, 1999, their world would begin to change.


They would soon find themselves speaking to each other inside the entertainment van heading to their shift to perform at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. As their friendship grew, they bonded as one. Together Christopher and William would struggle with their own identity and acceptance. Not clear of how to be, they continued to let their lives just be. Fate drove them through the struggles of battling out the villains in their lives from family and from people who couldn’t see them for who they were: two gay men.


Running in despair, they learned to deal with and succeed in the ordeal of life struggles. Their succession brought them together to learn life lessons at a young age to their adult lives, from poverty and homelessness to overcome their hardships in mastering a high firm name for themselves. Christopher and William have been together for twenty-one plus years to this date, living the dream and becoming the dream. They’ve been quoted as “The Real Prince Charmings” for their challenging efforts on wishing upon a star and living out a pure fairy tale story. A story that has become a reality on how dreams do come true if you believe. Chris and Will married in November of 2020.


Chris and Will best known for their show What About Our Life?, is now going on four seasons and is featured on multiple platforms. Over 50 episodes produced with over 50 celebrity guest interviews. They are universally recognized and award-winning. Over 1million and growing worldwide followers. Their first feature film showcasing their life struggles and survivals have become a wide range of success. The Real Prince Charmings documentary sold out to a select audience in Orlando in May of 2021 and is scheduled to make a limited theatre release in select states throughout the summer of 2022. The highly acclaimed feature film hits theatres in late 2022 and on streaming platforms following the theatre release.

Chris and Will are called the go-to source for all things theme parks, especially around Disney and Universal. They are known for influencing the entertainment and travel industries; for their online radio station they are known as the influencers for Orlando, Florida. Their expertise is developed from their over 17 years and numerous attractions opening experiences, including AMC Dine-In Theatres, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They’ve become the inside resource to all things vacationers would want and the world is interested in knowing how they came to help construct, coordinate, and operate some of the most popular theme park exhibits from the west coast to the east coast theme parks. They are a brand that sells and has endorsed over a dozen businesses and products that provide consumer spending results.

Currently they have over a dozen film and television projects they are currently writing, producing, and/or starring in, including one with Oxygen Network's celebrity chef Bylthe Beck. They have a new online show called "A Moment of their life" airing in late 2021, showcasing their personal life at home and in business. In late 2022 they will be releasing a new album and a streaming network, plus many other brand endeavors.

Chris releases his first cookbook as a celebrity chef due out late 2022. They recently released a newly designed pride pin created by a former Disney Animation artist. This pin benefits their BFF Foundation that helps those who need mental help.

Will has made numerous Hollywood production appearances, including “Hannah Montana,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Miss Guided.” Chris has made numerous Hollywood production appearances, including “Clean House,” “CSI: NY,” and “Dirty Sexy Money.”

Their world of entertainment is currently growing, and the Prince Charmings plan to reach worldwide stardom during their upcoming success.


Chris and Will's beginnings start with the their anniversary video. Check out a brief life story of how they met and with a little touch of their 19 years together.

Filming Location(s): Louisiana

​Release Date: May 8, 2018


Chris and Will's journey begins at Disney's Hollywood Studios on May 29, 2018. Willie gives Chris a Disney scavenger hunt that he made himself. Chris not knowing a thing gets surprised by the many of people from around the globe helping him gear up for Willie's marriage proposal to Chris.

Filming Location(s): Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida

​Release Date: June 25, 2018


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