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Check out what Chris and Will have in store for the world of entertainment. Below are confirmed projects that are in-production from the ChrisWill Studios. 


Stay tuned for more details of Chris and Will's new streaming network called "VIDEOOPPULOUS NETWORK." All the magic in entertainment you desire is coming soon.



Topper Hattfield is a story book illustrator that brings characters to life. One day he was set to go to work when he came across a box outside of his house. He opened the box to discover a new world of imagination, a box filled with characters. Mr. Hattfield explores this new world called Koloraura with his new friends, together his friends educate him on their world of imagination while he educates them of the world of planet Earth.

   Characters in a box is a new family program providing fun and education into a thirty minute program. Music, games, laughter, education, and lots of different characters are the life that brings together a place where imagination is real!

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Chris and Will are introducing a new online show called A Moment of Their Life, this new docuseries gives the fans a piece of their personal story from traveling, learning new things, spending time at home, decorating, to so much more. Not a reality show and not really a series, it's beyond the microphone. Join them as they take you on a televised journal of the life of Chris and Will, the Prince Charmings of Podcasting. Streaming online soon.



What About Our Life? explores the continuous adventures of Chris and Will and the life they’ve experienced together as an LGBTQ couple. Their many accomplishments have brought the world to becoming fascinated with their life from working with the Walt Disney Company, the NBC/Universal Company, their assistance in building the Harry Potter exhibits from coast to coast, Chris being a celebrity chef, to their life around the many areas of Hollywood and to how they managed to be together for 20+ years. Their life story has intrigued dozens of people from across the globe, “People have always asked us about our experience within the many of things we’ve done and adventures we’ve been on” Chris states. Chris and Will felt the best way to talk about it was to do it in a podcast show, that not only tells their stories but gives their guests inside experiences to explore at their leisure with memories that have made a tremendous mark in people’s lives. It’s a show that allows our listeners to relate to their adventures and enjoy some of the greatest moments in life, a show that allows everyone to further experience great moments with people from across the globe.

Each episode focuses on one particular part of their life. They share some helpful advice, history, relation, and secrets of the episode’s topic. They conclude each episode with a special guest that holds a special part of their life and/or holds significance to the topic of the current episode.

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 In every story there is a beginning, middle, and end; in most cases, it’s filled with adventure, drama, and in occasion romance. What happens when you mix adventure with a daily dose of drama and romance, with a sprinkle of fantasy all in one? Simple, you get the real-life story of Christopher L. Antie and William Ramos Jr.

   In spring of 1999 Christopher L. Antie, a southern gay man born from a Christian home, and William Ramos Jr, a New York-born Hispanic man bowed into family values, meet their unexpected future destiny. It would become the fate of a gay couple grown from two boys to two men leading a rare relationship within the LGBTQ community, a relationship of holding on to a twenty-plus year commitment. Twenty years ago Chris and Will would discover their future by growing within the captivated fairy tales of the Walt Disney Company. Unnoticed by the life they eventfully managed, Chris and Will would eventually see themselves writing their story of a wish of a time about a time that would soon become their now. Lost in the guilt of being gay from a surrounding world and an unaccepting family, they would soon become cornered into an array of a true mass of acceptance falters. From their life with the Walt Disney Company to the lights of Hollywood, Chris and Will would have to find their fate they’ve been rejecting from the very start.

   Stricken by poverty but surrounded by glamour their tale would garnish them into out-growing their life villains to the struggles of true success they neglected to admit. The Real Prince Charmings is a written book that started twenty years ago, telling the story of a gay couple whose vexation becomes the struggles in a community of normal but seen as a difference. A real-life journey about a fantasy came true from around the world adventures, star-studded friends they earned along the way; to their dealings with PTSD. The real story of once upon a time, and how a gay couple became the real Prince Charmings.

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Celebrity chef Blythe Beck takes on the world to learn about the diverse sides of an ordinary family’s way of cooking. She involves her style of taste to their story of culture, history, and meal ingredients. Blythe’s warm heart brings together a family’s experiences and life stories while learning home school cooking in a pink apron aboard a pink surrounding. Reliving her life roots to a level seen like never before, a real chef’s taste to perfection while expressing warmth through of a true family moment. The naughty chef stars in her new show called Family Feast with Blythe Beck. Great family moments, great family memories, and great family traditions are what makes up a moment with Dallas's very own celebrity chef. Get your taste buds ready and learn the Blythe way with families from around the globe. 



An all-new series from the Prince Charmings of Podcasting, Chris and Will take on the most exciting attractions, events, and destinations of the world. Fans will get the ability to experience what they experience on this all-new epic adventure of exploring their world of destinations.

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