Below are confirmed dates.
May 29, 2021 -- Premiere Private Event --
Walt Disney World, Florida -  AMC Dine-in Disney Springs24
July 16, 2021 -- Premiere Private Event --
Baton Rouge, Louisiana - AMC Baton Rouge16
October 9, 2021 -- TBA Event --
Orlando, Florida

“Thank you so much for the wonderful interview-it was great fun talking with the two of you, just a real pleasure.”

---Lee Purcell



Below are confirmed projects.

"What About Our Life?"             Season 3

    May 2020- Current

    iHeartRadio, Amazon, Apple, Spotify

"The Real Prince Charmings"        Film

    May 2019- June, 2022        

Announcing Tour and Release Dates

"At Home Journal"                     Season 1

    September 2021- Filming

     Airing Late November 2021

"Family Feast with Blythe Beck"     Season 1

    October 2020- Current


"Characters in a Box"                 Season 1

    November 2020- Current

     Airing Special Episode December 2021

"Heart and Soul"                        Season 1

    November 2020- Filming

     Airing December 2021

“I had a delightful time with you and Will. The hour flew!”

---Ilene Graff