We are

  • dreamers,

  • builders of a better tomorrow, and

  • the arrow that fights for the rights of all equality.

Chris and Will market themselves as the example of change, diversity, and loves reason. Share our peace and harmony as we gracefully drive a peaceful normal into a place for today.

"Our Brand Delivers!" 

“Had a ball.”

---Dale Godboldo Jr.



Happiness comes in many shapes, sizes and often with a hidden dark side. For many years, William has had PTSD, drawing him backward and bringing him facing a wall in life progression. Living with a life of bullying, abuse, and hate, he strives to be normal on any given day. 

Chris and Will have teamed up with designer Pamela Blanchard to create a memorable pride pin dedicated to William and all who struggle with the same. This pin will help Chris and Will raise awareness and money to reach out and heal others who need a friend for life. Due out in stores in the 2021 pride season. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Click the link below.


Believe the dream, live the dream, you are everything!

BFF is in the developing phases, and once opened this fall, we will have opened an LGBTQ community center in every state, teamed with the ones already opened, and help expand outreach programs for families in need of help in any form. Our agenda will also have an establishment set up with a call center where individuals can call in for help when needed and communicate with a person if they need a friend to listen to, more like a modern-day penpal. Our goal is to expand and educate the message of equality, help place an end to bullying and LGBTQ abuse.

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